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England is located in a north-west of Europe and which is in the southern portion of Great Britain. England is known to be as an Island country and a part of a beautiful place (UK) United Kingdom. In Great Britain, England is the largest country and in the UK. It sometimes led to a mistake of using England as a reference of the entire (UK) United Kingdom, even into the whole Island of Great Britain, or even into the British Isles. This so wrong and not only that mistake, it could also create offence to the people coming from the other portion of (UK) United Kingdom. There are about 84% of the total population of (UK) United Kingdom stayed in England, wherein they choose to live in the metropolitan and major cities. England is not separated when it comes to their political identity since then way back 1707, this was the time where Great Britain was established as one of the political entity. There is no parliament and government only for England. It is located 35 km away from France which is now connected with tunnel out of the English Channel. When talking about the south part of England it almost occupies low-lying land, which is compose of agricultural land and hills. While the north part of England is being covered with mountains and moorland. Knowing the important facts and details of England could give you an idea of how unique is the place. The willingness and excitement you will feel after knowing that information.

The people in England

The people here in England are lovely. They could be embarrassing too. They usually ask your points of view about things. Most of them are superficially friendly even through beneath the surface friendship, that’s how friendly they are. Everyone in England is very polite. They really give so much value their religion most especially when it comes to Christianity. They treat Christianity as part of their lives. They always talked on it in other places and with other people. Once you are new to England you will get fascinated with their hospitable approach because they will treat you so well. But just make it sure you’re not going to abuse them. English people are so great and once you get to know them you would love the way they speak and the way they utter words which could totally capture your heart to stay long in the place. Talking about the English ladies, oh my God they are amazing. The genuine gesture that they poses once they will have a conversation with you and the extra care that they would give you to loosen up your insecurities with them is so wonderful. That is why there many great escorts women in the place. Men especially love to stay in the place because these gorgeous escort ladies. And speaking of escorts according to survey the best escort’s service in this place is the Kent escorts industry.

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